Hello from the MTC for the second and last time!

For some reason I have had that Tears for Fears song stuck in my head.
So, on Tuesday Quentin L. Cook, came to speak to us! It was awesome, he was really powerful. He talked about commitments and how that’s the biggest way we can keep people active, was committing them to do things. It was funny, we have the TRC here, where we can teach lessons and our teachers watch on monitors, so Wednesday, we went in and watched the monitors, and the elders in there weren’t committing them to things! We were shocked! He talked about how he and Elder Holland were missionary companions, which was cool, how would it be to be baptized by them?
We have just been learning tons here, we go through everything so fast, its crazy.
The sisters in our district have been having issues, so we have been giving a few blessings, which is really an amazing experience. One of our sisters is having surgery tomorrow for her knee, she has to go home for a month or two, which is really hard, but me and another elder gave her a blessing, and it was quite awesome.
We have a lot of fun here, every Saturday we have tie trade, which is cool, i got some sweet ties. I’ll be excited to leave here though, the days are really long, they go by fast, but we are just exhausted at the end.
I’m out of time…
Til next time from Arkansas…
Elder Andersen

Hello from the MTC! Its been great so far, I am learning so much here, we have class all the time and sometimes its hard to stay awake, but its good none the less. The first few days were really slow, it felt like we had been here for a year. Once Sunday rolls around though, it all gets better. I find myself missing a lot of you, but I know that I am where the Lord needs me. There was a district that was going to Mongolia, and they had been here for 12 weeks learning the language, and they got re-assigned state side because of issues in Mongolia, and they all bore their testimony before leaving on Sunday, it was awesome! Sunday here is like spiritual drug day, I feel the spirit more here than anywhere else I have been. Teaching is getting easier. We taught the best lesson ever yesterday. There are these places here called the TRC (Teaching Reality? Center, not totally sure what it stands for) but there are people that will totally act like investigators, and you can go back twice a week and they will progress, which is really cool. You can also go to the TEC(i dunno) where there are teachers there that will do whatever and you can practice whatever you want, and they will give you feedback right after, that’s awesome, we learn a ton from that. I realized that its cool that I live in Orange County, because that’s all i have to say and people know where that is, i don’t have to explain where I am from at all. Well, my little clock on the corner of the  screen is getting low, so I should wrap up. PS, my enter button doesn’t work, that’s why its all one big block of text, ha ha. -Elder Andersen

Welcome to Elder Andersen 2.0 featuring Elder Clayton Andersen.  He will be entering the MTC on Wednesday, March 3, 2009.  He’ll be off to Little Rock Arkansas.

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