wow, i can’t believe i just quoted that song in a subject line… oh well

So, they sent me back to Monticello! strange things are happening to me… that’s better, i like that song better. Ya, so it was super weird to come back here at first, i was very surprised to be put here again. its funny though, because I know the people and how to get around here better than my companion does, He was only here for 6 weeks though, so its understandable. Well, really not much has changed here since i left, I really don’t know why i am back here, but I hope to find out! Funny story, i accidentally left my backpack at the mission office at transfers, luckily some people here had to go up to Cabot this weekend, so on their way back they picked it up for me! lucky me. Well, hope y’all have a good week!

-Elder Andersen

Well, hope y’all are doing well, we just had a bunch of storms here, pretty bad, there were two tornadoes on the ground south of here, which was pretty intense. We were with the Yarbroughs, and Bro. Yarbrough is a weather spotter so he had his ham radio on, and we were able to listen to it play by play, while we ate lunch, which was cool. He was outside in the rain lookin at the sky and stuff for a while, we had some crazy loud thunder and some good sized hail.

Well, we were all enlightened very well this last weekend with general conference, i thoroughly enjoyed it, i’m sure as did many. I really enjoyed the times that President Monson spoke, our prophet is just such an outstanding man. I fully agree with everything Elder Holland said about him previous to him speaking. If you didn’t catch it, i would also recommend Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk.
Well, i got a transfer call this morning, i am going to be transferred on wednesday, I am sad to leave this area, it has been a really good one, one of my favorites so far, if not the best one yet. There are a lot of really great people here, we are working with some outstanding people also. I have no idea what transfers will bring because like the rest of the times that i have been transferred i have had no idea beforehand, so… it will be fun 🙂
-Elder Andersen

This week has been pretty good, i don’t have tons of time today, so ill keep it short and sweet.

We taught a lady this week who had just fallen on the ground and we walked up and she was on the phone with the paramedics, and shes a pretty big lady, and so shes on the phone with the paramedics, and its on speaker, so we can hear the paramedic’s voice and were sure he is just thinking "great another one of these", so we went ahead and started teaching her with her just sitting there. it was pretty funny. we would have picked her up, but I was on exchanges with elder steed and he was like well, the paramedics are on their way anyway and if she is actually hurt, we could make it worse. it actually ended up being a pretty good lesson.
I don’t know if any of you remember me talking about an older lady that we go and see sometimes, but that lady passed away a few days ago, which was sad because she was supposed to go to the temple on saturday, which is sad, but only temporarily, its so awesome to know that she is in no pain anymore and her family will be with her soon.
i gotta go, but i love ya’ll
-Elder Andersen

Hey, so this week was good, i finally got some time to burn my shirt, it was fun, it was kind of a spur of the moment thing at a member’s house, and so i burned it with nail polish remover, because it was the first thing we could find that was flammable, it was cool, at least i can now say that i have been out a year! This week my trainer actually came to visit, he went home a few weeks ago, and came back here, he had served in jackson as well, so he drove us around all day Friday, it was fun, he was also able to show us a few of his former investigators that he had worked with and we are gonna pick up on those, so that should be good. Also, elder grigg also came and visited, and he had dinner with him on Thursday night which was cool, he had also served here too, so that was way fun. It was cool to see my buddies come back, not that they were gone for very long though.We also went on exchanges with Trenton on Tuesday, which was fun. And, last but not least i was the concluding speaker in church on Sunday, which was really weird, that has never happened to me before, but oh well, it happened and i am still alive, but concluding is the worst, because the whole time i was checking my watch to see how long the other two speakers went, i was nervous, but it turned out ok. well, hope everyone is well

-Elder Andersen

How’s everyone’s week been?

Well, our week was interesting. I hit my one year mark this week, which was cool. I haven’t had time to burn my shirt yet, i was gonna do it at someone’s house this saturday, but totally forgot about it while we were there. We had exchanges with the Zone Leaders this week, which was really fun, we have cool fun zone leaders. Funny thing, is that the night that they were gonna come up here, we got to our apartment, and our water was shut off, so we called our finance guy for the mission and he called them and found out that some huge main water pipe to the complex had burst, and when we got up thursday morning it still wasn’t fixed, so we called the yarbroughs, and we went and showered at the mortuary, ha ha, showered with the dead people. it was pretty funny, and of course it happens on the day when we have four missionaries in the apartment.

We had a really good lesson with a guy we have been teaching for a while, and we got a bunch of new people to teach this week too, so that’s been really good. I am really enjoying it here, and having a good time, my greenie is really green, but hopefully he will learn soon.

love ya

-Elder Andersen

Hey ya’ll! Well, this week has been interesting. started out with finding out that elder Kirby is leaving, which was sad, so on tuesday he said goodbye to everyone, he had been here for 6 months, so there were a lot to say goodbye to. Then we had transfers on wednesday, and I got a greenie, Elder Wawro, he is from Sacramento CA, but he is actually a canadian citizen, and his parents are from Poland, so he has a rather diverse background. It has been interesting to train again, but it will be cool.

Well, we had a pretty big storm here on thursday night, we had some really big winds and thunderstorm hit at about 8pm, the tornado sirens were goin off and everything, they thought it was gonna hit harder than it did, which was really good, i heard there was a small bit of something that hit in S. Jackson, but we didn’t see any tornadoes where we were, really loud wind and stuff though. We were supposed to have more last night round midnight, but that missed us, so, ya the weather has sucked here, but its supposed to be nice most of this week.

well, love ya’ll

-Elder Andersen

clayton will reach his one year mark on thursday! one year done already. how about that?

Hmm, this week, a fun week.

This morning we drove all the way to the temple (memphis) so that we could pick up our brand spankin new car. we got a 2011 Toyota Corolla, its kinda cool, its smaller than our malibu, which sucks, but its brand new, so that’s cool.

We are teaching a guy here who is so solid, we asked him if he believed the book of mormon to be true, and he said "as much as i didn’t want to admit it to myself, its true, i know it is" which is awesome, and im glad that i am not leaving, so that i can see him get baptized. Elder Kirby is leaving, which is too bad, we had a lot of fun, but all good things must come to an end.

So, this area is pretty cool, i am really enjoying it, not much to say for this week, i hope ya’ll are having a good week. our weather is pretty lame right now, its rainy and humid… well, love ya’ll.

-Elder Andersen

Elder Snowmanis it valentine’s day? huh, well…. doesn’t make much of a difference…

Well, we have had a pretty good week, we had a bunch of “really fun” snow, and some really cold weather, on wed or thurs it was 3 degrees in the morning, sheesh, that’s cold. It ended up getting pretty icy, on wed, when it snowed a bunch, it took us an hour to get from north jackson to south, which is only a few miles, there were people stuck on the side of the road everywhere.

So, there’s a guy that has been coming to church for a few months now, who had been reading and studying the gospel, but wouldn’t let us teach him yet, and he has just now allowed us to teach him, so it should be pretty awesome, he should be getting baptized soon, he loves the church and everything he has studied, which is awesome.

Well, i don’t have a ton of time, we have a bunch of stuff we have to do today. Hope y’all have a fun filled valentines day!

-Elder Andersen

Well, we woke up this morning to pouring rain, and then about 830 or so, it changed to snow, very fun. The roads are not very nice out there. When we were heading here from our apt, one of the really good TN drivers stopped on a hill, because he got scared, which was dumb becuase he lost all his momentum and was sitting there punching the gas, looking really smart. So finally he went and we found out that we were stuck too, becuase he stopped, but it only took us a few seconds to get going. TN drivers can’t even drive in the sun, so the snow is extra exciting here.

This week was really good, we have a few investigators nearing baptism hopefully they can commit and we can get some really good stuff going here. Yesterday we had a fast with our ward mission leader and bishop for the area, that we would know what to do, and it was really good. Our bishop here is great, he really has a great attitude and he always seems to be happy, which is really cool.

We have been trying to get splits going with the elders and high priests here, and this week it finally worked, and worked well. We went with a guy that is kinda new in the ward, doesn’t know a lot of people and we went and the idea is that the members find people and we go with them to go see them. We went to do his home teaching with him to some less active families and he ended up getting along great with them and he now has more friends, and so do the people and hopefully him being their friend can help them too. It was great, he bore testimony of how much he enjoyed it at church yesterday too. Things are great here, and only getting better.

Love ya’ll

-Elder Andersen

PS – the subject line is because it is just one big slushie outside its like 35 or something like that so the snow is slowly melting and there’s snow and water everywhere!

Hey everybody!

This week has been really good. We have gotten a lot of work done this week. We have one investigator specifically who we saw three times, he is progressing really well. Each time we saw him was with members too. The work goes so much better when they have support from members.

Well, yesterday we went and visited an old lady in a rehab/nursing home type place and when we got there she was in tears, she was hating that place, she is usually in great spirits and to see her like that was really sad. She said that the people there were not treating her well at all, and just in the time that we were there we could tell that they really didn’t care about the people there, it was a sad deal. Hopefully they can find another place for her.

Well, i am really enjoying my new area, and new companion, we are now headed off to lunch, so i have to go, sorry for the shortness, but y’all take care.

-Elder Andersen

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