Hello everyone, we have had a great week this week.

So, the weird thing about being here in the office is that we don’t get much proselyting time in, but we do get a lot done, and we are always doing something, which I like. We went to Monticello this week, which was nice, good to go back, even though I have only been gone a few weeks, hehe. So, funny story, and I guess this kinda goes with having a new mission president. He went around and toured the mission this week to meet all of the missionaries, and I think it was saturday that he was going to senatobia, and he went down there and had gotten off the freeway and the gps told him to turn left instead of right, and he called and said "Ok, I’m in the middle of the everglades I think!" It was so funny it took me a few minutes to realize what had happened, but since I had served there for so long I was able to tell him how to get to the church, I thought it was pretty funny, he really enjoyed Mississippi though, which was nice, so did I. I hope we get to go over there soon too! Well, its still pretty stinkin hot here, but its ok, i’m a lot more used to it this summer vs last, but its still hot none the less.

Have a great week y’all

-Elder Andersen

Well, I am in the office now, sorry for no email last week, it was pretty crazy because we went to a baseball game last monday for P Day which was way fun, we got to bake out in the hot sun! We are so busy here, we live in N Little Rock, right down the street from the mission office. I have two companions now, Elder Yates and Elder Turner, they are cool, we get along well.

We got a new Mission President last week, which is cool, we got to spend a bit of time with them last week, which was nice to be able to get to know them better. We went over to the mission home on Friday to set up all their computers and cell phones and stuff because they don’t really know how to do that kind of stuff, so its a good thing that I am here in the office to help them. They are President and Sister Petersen, and I am very glad to have them here.
We got to go to Memphis on Saturday to take a bunch of stuff to missionaries over there, that was fun to be back over there, we also get to go down to Monticello on Wednesday too, so its fun to be here and be able to go and travel all round the mission when we need to. Well, there is a lot more that happened this week, but i can’t say it all because i have been typing for about the last 3 hours and I am getting tired of it now, so, I hope y’all are doing well!
-Elder Andersen

Hey y’all!

This morning at about 6:31 brought a transfer call to me, which I was not only sad about but didn’t expect it to be me. My companion was really thinking it would be him. Neither of us wanted to go, but i guess i am needed elsewhere. Last week we heard that we would be getting a different mission president than was originally planned. The Mission President that was supposed to go to Russia had a problem obtaining a visa, and the one that we were supposed to get has done a lot of work in russia, so a few weeks ago president monson decided to switch them, so now we are getting President Peterson on the 29th and President Drewes will officially leave on the 30th. It will be a hard change, but at least I get to go to transfers and see President and Sister Drewes another time before they leave. The sister of the lady we baptized last month is planning to be baptized soon, which is great, its too bad that I won’t be able to be there for it, but maybe if I don’t go too far I can come back for it. I have really enjoyed coming back to this area, I am glad I did, and I think I was able to do a lot of good here this time around. Hope y’all have an awesome week!

-Elder Andersen

Hey y’all!

Sorry i didn’t get to write last week! Last weekend we had a baptism which was great! President and Sister Drewes came to church with us last sunday too, they both spoke, of course the talks were great. The really amazing thing was that Pres. had just had a really crazy oral surgery 2 days before that. Sis Drewes said it was very extensive it involved bone grafts! and he still spoke for at least 10 mins! they are so amazing! Ok, funny story, we just washed our car about 30 mins ago, and my companion didn’t realize it but he had left his window a little cracked, and so when we got done with the wash there was water and soap all in the inside! it was so funny, we had a good laugh about that! We have zone conference coming up this week, which should be fun. Its been about 100 degrees here the last 4 or so days, so that stinks, but oh well, what can ya do? Well, I hope y’all have a great week!

-Elder Andersen

Well, last week was pretty normal, nothing really cool happend. We are getting ready for our baptism saturday, which is awesome. And my companion and I spoke yesterday, i was the concluding speaker again, man that is still really weird for me. Luckily we don’t have to speak again next week because President and Sister Drewes are coming to speak, that will be awesome. I also finished Jesus the Christ on saturday, that was really cool. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the life of christ and feel closer to him, because that’s what it did for me, i understand the new testament so much better now, it was great! Well, other than that not a whole lot happened, but this week is really busy, so that will be good. Love y’all!

-Elder Andersen

Well, this has been a really good week. 

We were able to have a great lesson with a part member family that we have been working with, it was awesome, the spirit was really working there. We also went to Bearden AR, which was fun. we did an interview for one of the people that the sisters are teaching, which was cool, met some good people. Funny story, we were gonna meet with one of our investigators this week. he had told us to come back the next day because his daughter was sleeping, and she’s like 1 or 2, so we were going to go back the next day, and so we texted him see what was a good time. Well, we didn’t get a response, and my companion said, "we can just ask someone what time babies take naps" and I was thinking "all babies don’t take naps at the same time", and so i told my comp that, and he was like "yes they do!" and so come to find out, he had a bunch of babies at his house for Easter or something a few years back, and they all took a nap at the same time, so he thought that all babies sleep at the same time. It was really funny because he ended up asking a member about it, because he didn’t believe me, and she just laughed! it was so funny. My companion keeps it funny, i’m glad we get to stay together another transfer.

Hope y’all have a great week!

-3£Ð3R 4NÐ3R$3N

PS- I decided to do it like that, because i got an email that was all garbled in a few parts, and so it thought it would be cool to sign my name like that!

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice mother’s day, I did! because I got to talk to my family!

This week was nice we didn’t have to go anywhere really far, which is good but this week we have to again so we’ll see how that goes. We had a really good lesson last week, i believe i mentioned it in last week’s email that we were going to go, but this time we actually did it. it was with 7 people there that wanted to learn more about the church, which is awesome! It went pretty well, one of them i had taught once before when I was here last year. There’s really not much more to say right now, we really don’t have much more going on here.

have a great week!

-Elder Andersen

Well, this week was interesting, we had a lot of pretty bad weather come this way, none really hit here where I am, but it was fun to have President Drewes call and tell us that there is a lot of bad weather headed for us, and we need to stay where we are, but it turned out it went just north of us.

We had a cool opportunity to teach a guy yesterday who really is very knowledgeable about the gospel, but is also very open, and he has seen the priesthood bless his life, so he is really cool, and we hope that he can receive answers to his prayers. We also have plans to teach seven people on tuesday, in one lesson, which should be awesome. One of those people I taught when I was here the first time, and I am really glad to be able to teach them again. We also heard from the sisters last night, that they received a referral last night from a recent convert that was baptized when I was here last year, which was a great thing to hear.

I hope y’all have a great Mother’s Day on sunday!

-Elder Andersen

Well, i hope everyone had an Easter filled with remembrance of the Savior and his infinite sacrifice and its third wonderful component that is the resurrection, which enables all of us to be resurrected someday. We went to the Pine Bluff ward for church yesterday because we had a baptism there on Saturday, and we attended church there for her confirmation. It was cool to have an Easter baptism because we were able to witness someone coming closer to Christ on a day when we especially remember Him. 

We have had a very busy week, and we have another busy one coming up. I was able to go on exchanges with a Spanish elder this week, which was pretty cool, we were able to teach an hispanic member here who was less active and had an awesome lesson in spanish with her. i really didn’t understand most of it, but i could still feel the spirit. it was awesome. We also had an awesome experience on Monday with a guy who had been talking to our branch president about religion and we went and gave him a blessing because he had really bad health problem that he was having surgery for on tuesday and he went into surgery and it had gone away. he didn’t have any problems. they dismissed him from surgery and sent him home. it was awesome, just really cool to see how the Lord works.

I hope all is well, love y’all

-Elder Andersen

Hey, its pretty humid here today, we’re supposed to get some storms in the next day or two, so its nice and muggy here today. yay! This week has been pretty good. we got to see a family of possums in a member’s shed, which was pretty cool. it was cool to see the one until the mama came out with a nasty look on her face. then we left, haha.

We have a baptism coming up this saturday, which should be good. its up in Pine Bluff though, which is about 50 mi away so we have shot our miles for the month already. its ok though, because president is coming down to do the interview, so we will just tell him then. he shouldn’t be mad, i hope!

I hope we can get more going on this week here in monticello! Hope y’all have a great week!

-Elder Andersen

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