Hey everyone!!

sorry no email last week, we bout ran outta  time. I don’t know if i told y’all before, but my companion now is Elder Corry, he’s from Cedar City, UT,  ya, just add to the list of all the utahans, no idea how to spell that. He’s really cool, he is here to recover from tailbone surgery that he had about a month ago. I was gonna tell a story that happened last week but because i ran out of time, i will tell it now. So for transfers we had to pick up one of the new missionaries at the airport because he was a visa waiter and he was coming at a different time than the rest. So we go to the airport and we sit, and we wait, and we wait, and he’s not there, so we call president, he calls salt lake, they have no idea where he is, so we just are told to sit tight and wait for the next plane, and he’s not on that one. So then they find out that he made it to Dallas, so we wait for the next one… nope not there, so we go to president’s to eat, and go back at 7:45 and he is finally there, turns out he had missed his plane, trying to talk to someone about the church, and ended up on standby to get out here! haha, what a goof! It was funny but also kinda scary at the same time.

Well this last week, we went to Quitman and Jonesboro, and this week we have to go to Jackson (yay, my old area) and Oxford, part of my old area, so that will be fun, but i’ve got to go, almost out of time, but I love y’all and have a wonderful week!

-Elder Andersen

Well, today was transfer calls day. my companion is getting transferred. We have had a crazy last week, our mission is raising in number of missionaries that we have so we are having to open a lot of areas. so, this week was spent finalizing a bunch of apartments and moving and all sorts of fun stuff like that. Unfortunately my companion, Elder Andreasen, is being transferred which really sucks, its always the ones you get along with the best that never last. But, if who I am getting is correct, I already know I will get along with him. I don’t know what Wednesday brings but all i know is the longer i am here the busier things seem to get. Which is a good thing. we have some lessons planned this week that should be really good. We met with a guy last night who seems interested in a different way than most, but should be good. Sometimes I love the fast paced work and sometimes i just get way too tired, but either way, love y’all, have a great week, and a fun Halloween!

-Elder Andersen

Well, we had a great week! We had our Specialized Training meetings this week, which is basically another word for Zone Conference, i’m not really sure why they call it that, but oh well, it’s jus the way it is. So, we had the one for the west side of the mission on Tuesday here at North Little Rock, and it was awesome. I feel like I really learned a lot. So then that night we went to memphis and stayed with the Collierville elders so we could attend the training on the East side. Well that night we had told them that we had to leave by 7:30am at the latest and that we would leave without them if they didn’t get back from working out by then. So we kept our word and since they weren’t back we left. Well, it turned out that they had forgotten their phone and their car wouldn’t start that morning, and we had jumper cables with us, so we felt bad that we actually did leave them. But then we just had a great training in memphis on wednesday as well, i actually liked that one better than the one before.

Then here’s the real fun story, so we left Memphis to come back here at 5-5:30 and what normally is a 2.5 hour drive turned into 6. We got completely stopped on the freeway behind a huge multi car accident that took them 3 hours to clean up, we were at a stand still for 3 full hours. There was fires and fire trucks and tons of ambulances, it was crazy. We were about 2 miles behind it. But the miraculous thing about it was that we know that the Lord was looking out for us. a few minutes before we hit the traffic my companion just decided randomly to pull off at a rest stop to relieve himself. We were only stopped for maybe a full 3 minutes, and had we not stopped we could have been right in the middle of all of that! We really were blessed that day.

But we have a lot of work ahead of us this week, got a bunch of missionaries to move and people to teach. love y’all, thank you for all your support and prayers!

-Elder Andersen

Well, well well, another week gone by, feels like another few minutes gone by. We had a crazy busy week, full of moving misisonaries (in the pouring rain) as well as moving members, as well as going to memphis and back within 7 hours, 5 of those spent driving. But as lame as a lot of that sounds, it was really good. We had fun while doing it. We have really had a lot of good things happen this transfer, I’ve got a great companion and a great area to work! We have some meetings coming up this week which I am excited for. Love y’all! Have a great week!

-Elder Andersen

Well, wasn’t general conference a hoot? I really enjoyed it! We are able to watch the Sunday sessions at a member’s house with an investigator, and it was cool to be able to talk about the conference and the gospel with her after it was all over. I think that is the greatest thing to see for those who are wondering about the church and whether it is true and whether all this is really worth it, or why we should even care about all this. That was one of the questions that she asked, and after that, i have thought a lot about that.

I think that we all have different reasons why we care about God, and about Jesus and why all these things happened and why they are important to us. But the reason that does it for me, above all else is that it gives me direction. I know where I came from, why I am here and where I am going, and that is knowledge that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. Through those basic things it allows me to know how I should live my life and why I should live that way. I hope that everyone reading this can answer that for themselves, because its something that I think is most important in the way we live our lives, and what will bring us the most happiness.
This week was pretty good  and pretty interesting, but i really can’t remember much past this last weekend of conference, it was a great conference that i will defiantly re-read many times over, as I did with the last one, which i thoroughly enjoyed. I hope everyone is doing well! til next time!

-Elder Andersen

Well, 10 years since 9/11. sorry, didn’t get to do a big email last week so i’m a little behind. I still think is crazy that it has been that long. it’s interesting how much my feelings have changed toward that day and how i remember it since it first happened.
Well, another transfer came and went. they just seem to get faster and faster the longer i have been out. it seems like this past week went by like a flash. Elder Yates goes home tomorrow, so it’s just me and elder Church here in the office. Elder Church is getting transferred on Wednesday so i will have a new companion on Wednesday. Looks like i’m the only constant around here, haha. Not too much else to report this week. we were super busy getting ready for transfers and elder yates going home and stuff. i’m excited for another transfer here! hope all is going well with everyone!

-Elder Andersen
Clayton was busy this week making a DVD for departing missionaries. He was using a brand new mac book pro and iMovie. Isn’t that just the perfect thing for him to be doing? He had some technical issues and had to call Apple. They couldn’t resolve it, but you know he was loving the process anyway. He also said that there is a good chance he’ll be staying in the office until he comes home in March. His computer skills are very much appreciated, I think! 🙂 We’ll see what happens…

Well, this week has been great, started out normal, just like every other week, but then towards the end got really good. we went out and taught with a member a few times, and had some really great lessons, as well as went to memphis, and got short videos of some recent converts and their tesimonies. That was a really cool experience to go and meet these people and hear their stories and testimonies of the gospel. We also went around and saw all the cool sites of Memphis as well as Little Rock. It is fun to go all around and get some good footage. We are making a new DVD for arriving missionaries so that they can see what the mission is like and get excited about the work, it should be good, hopefulyl I can get it done before transfers…

Time is short this week, we gotta go, but I love y’all and have a great week!

-Elder Andersen

So, i apologize for no email last week, the power went out last Monday so we had to email Tues, and we were frantically trying to get everything ready for Zone conference Tuesday and so i had to squeeze in my emails in on tuesday.

Well, Wednesday we woke up early to go to zone conference early and set up, and as we left to go to Cabot for it, it just started dumping rain, more rain than i think i have ever seen. we couldn’t hardly see 5 ft in front of us! And the bad thing is that we had a truck bed full of stuff and luckily we have a shell, but we had left the windows cracked on the shell, so we had to get out in the pouring rain and close them, and ruin a tie in the process, so that was fun. But other than the fact that the AC didn’t work, the Zone Conference went really well, probably one of the best of my mission so far. Then we drove to Memphis and went to another zone conference over there. Luckily this one did have AC, and it worked very well.
Also when we went over there Wednesday night, we stayed with the Collierville elders, and we got to interview a guy on camera who had been baptized so that we can put his testimony on the Arrival Video for the new missionaries. we are planning to get more of those this week too, which should be awesome.
But the biggest news of the week is that the Arkansas Little Rock Mission now has an Apple Store within its boundaries! For those of you who don’t know, this is important, haha. It was cool we got to check it out for about 15 minutes today, because we finally got a free minute, and its pretty cool. pretty much like the others, only brand new, but the coolest part is that its here!
In all seriousness we were able to find a few new investigators this week as well, and get some really good lessons in. I’m really glad to be here and happy to be doing what I am doing. I love to get up and work every day! Thanks for all the prayers and support on my behalf! Love y’all!
-Elder Andersen

So, the craziest week of my life just ended, and now i feel good… Alright here’s the outline

Monday – Somewhat normal P-Day, except we had to prep for transfers and sit in the office all day, because the office couples went to the temple with the departing missionaries.
Tuesday – New missionaries arrive, we have arrival dinner and prep the trucks and trailer for transfers the next day, and Elder Turner packed.
Wednesday – The long day of transfers… To and from Memphis in the van and with a trailer behind us, we used over 25 gallons of gas, ya… crazy, this van is the biggest gas hog! In other news i have gotten good at hooking up a trailer. After we got back from all the transfers at 5, we then had to go buy pres a printer and go hook that up for him too.
Thursday – Loaded up the trailer early in the morning and went up to Jonesboro, picked up two elders from there and moved them into a new apartment in Paragould, AR which is a 2.5 hr trip, then we went to Memphis and picked up president’s scriptures, because he left them there at transfers the prior day, then we went back to little rock, total of a 7 hr trip, ya it was crazy. then at about 9 that night, pres calls and wants us to set up a webcast from little rock to memphis to broadcast Elder Christofferson who was going to speak to us on saturday…
Friday – Left early in the morning for memphis once again, at this point we are recognizing trucks on I-40, and that’s not even a joke, we really did see a few that we had seen prior. We took a laptop and projector to set up the webcast, got that done and were back by 3, not terrible but also our third trip in one one week.
Saturday – We had the most awesome experience to hear from Elder Christofferson and Elder Haelik, it was so cool, we got to meet both of them and be taught by them for 2 hours with just us missionaries, it was great!
Sunday – Got to attend Stake Conference with those same general authorities again, which was also equally as awesome.
So, all in all it was a crazy but awesome week, and we had fun through it all, even on the crazy trips, and just to top it off we have another epic trip ahead of us tomorrow, but I want you all to know that I am loving it here and wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. Love y’all.
-Elder Andersen

This has been a busy week. First off, we got a refferal at church for a guy to go teach, and we taught him twice this week and he wants to get baptized on the 30th which is awesome, I’m really excited for that. We also did a lot of other work this week. On friday, us and the APs went with our van and a big trailer and their truck and a big trailer and condensed our two storage sheds worth of furniture into one, which took us from 7:30am to about 12:30, it was crazy we were so tired a sweaty and gross we took about 1.5 tons of broken down furniture to the dump. I also made a website this week for the mission to use for a few things, but mainly so that new missionaries can find stuff they need like bikes and buy them from missionaries that are going home. its weird to be doing this kind of stuff on my mission, but i really like it, its been fun. So, we had a fun meal story this week, we went to someones house and they said, well we have ice water or, we have this herbal tea that we really like, it tastes like… I can’t remember all she said it tasted like, but whatever it was, it didn’t taste like that. it was nasty. its a weird experience washing down your drink with food, luckily the food was amazing. Right when we got in the car, Elder Yates was like "So what did you think of the tea?" it was pretty funny.

So, I realized that I haven’t really said much about our new mission president. His name is President Petersen. they are from utah, but they lived in Wyoming for a while, actually I think they kinda live in both places, but he is the owner or was the owner of Petersen Inc. they are a manufacturing company i think, i know they make a lot of cool stuff. You can go to and it will probably show you more than i can tell you, but they are so awesome, they are definitely different from the drewes by a lot, but they are just as cool, only in a different way.
Anyways, I have to go, have a great week!
-Elder Andersen

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