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When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.
Whew! what a week, what a month! what a two years! Well, the subject line is a quote by Thomas Jefferson, that I have heard before, and right now, I wish I could tie a knot and hang on a little longer! When I think about the past two years, the thing that sticks out the most is the change ...more»
life, the universe and everything
Well hello there, how y'all doin? We had a really good week this week. However it started out not too good. I heard from the missionaries in one of my other areas that a lady my companion and I baptized was not doing well at all, they said she had a week at most. She has cancer, I'm ...more»
Hello everybody!
We had transfers last week, and Elder Corry ended up going home for surgery again, it's too bad but at least he will get better. On Wednesday I got my new companion, Elder Clouse, from Gilbert AZ, second companion from there. He's actually a spanish elder, and he's here so that we can find out if there needs to be ...more»
Hey everybody! We had a really great week this week, had some awesome lessons, we were also home most of the week, which was an odd week for us! We won't be home most of this week though. We met some really cool people who are just awesome. We have a zone conference this week, which should be awesome. We ...more»
its my birthday too!
thank you so much everyone for all the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday! the night before, we got to eat at the Ward's, which was awesome, and then got lunch with the kenworthys and the petersens! and then a member took us to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! For a missionary, your life revolves around teaching and food, so ...more»
Break From This World
2012? is this our last happy new year? hmm Well hope y'all had a fun Christmas and new years. didn't do an email last week, i had just talked to my family on the phone, so i didn't figure i needed to email, haha. Well we had a fun new year, there were fireworks at midnight, (but ...more»
its christmas time!
Well almost merry Christmas! its crazy how time flies and that we are almost at Christmas, it still feels like December just barely started. We have our Christmas Zone Conference this week. Its on Wednesday and Thursday and we have 100 DVDs to burn before Wednesday morning!  We have lots to do before then, but i for some reason am ...more»
its the most wonderful time
of the year Well, happy christmas season everyone! It's so great how everything changes this time of year, there's a lot of lights on at night, and everyone is in just such a great mood. I really enjoyed the christmas devotional, of course, i liked the video during President Eyring's talk the best, y'all know me, and the ...more»
happy thanksgiving
Well everyone, we had a great thanksgiving week. It's finally getting cold here, and a lot of the leaves have fallen. I really want to say how grateful I am for everything that I have been given, as a missionary and otherwise. I have been doing a lot of car swapping lately and car-share forming and I have realized just ...more»
bake me a country ham
Hey y'all, We did a lot this last week. Took some long trips, went to Oxford MS and found an apartment there for missionaries to live, and i got to go see a few people in senatobia on the way back which was great! We haven't been to Jackson yet, i have no idea when we are gonna get over ...more»
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