Well hello there, how y’all doin?

We had a really good week this week. However it started out not too good. I heard from the missionaries in one of my other areas that a lady my companion and I baptized was not doing well at all, they said she had a week at most. She has cancer, I’m not sure what kind, but i guess it got really bad. So, I called up her brother in law, who she lives with, and he said that she had gone to the ER, because her calcium was really high, which was scary. Well to make a long story short, we went down there to visit her (it’s nice to not have a mile allotment). When we walked in, she was just beside herself that we had showed up. We talked with her a little while about how she was doing. Then her sister, who we had been working with basically since the first day of my mission, asked if Mark (her husband) and I would baptize her, which was just the most awesome thing. I had hoped that this experience with her sister would soften her heart a bit, and it totally did, it was obvious this was something she had been contemplating, and I think we were her answer to her questions. I am really glad that the Lord has all of us in mind, and he places things and people and circumstances in our path at certain times for a reason. And if we live worthy, we can be the answer to someone’s prayer.

The rest of our week was also good, we got a lot of other good things done, but nothing that even really matters compared to that last story. But I want to say thanks for y’alls (yes that’s a word) continued support and love.

-Elder Andersen