2012? is this our last happy new year? hmm

Well hope y’all had a fun Christmas and new years. didn’t do an email last week, i had just talked to my family on the phone, so i didn’t figure i needed to email, haha.

Well we had a fun new year, there were fireworks at midnight, (but only a few. mostly people are pretty redneck so they just shoot their shotguns in the air, it’s kinda scary when they shoot rifles, because you have no idea what could be coming your way.) We had a pretty fun new years eve! you’ll never guess what us fun missionaries did… we played cards. Ya not too much fun but hey at least we did something!

We actually got quite a bit of time to go out and proselyte this week which was fun, we have been working with a few pretty solid families. It was cool on Sunday because we have 4 missionaries in the ward and we helped the other companionship arrange rides for a family of 11 to come, it was awesome to see all of them walk in together. it was a pretty cool experience. We are working on getting everything set up for the new year, and I am making a DVD for senior couples encouraging more of them to go on missions, so that should be fun! Well, love y’all, have a great first week of 2012!