Well almost merry Christmas! its crazy how time flies and that we are almost at Christmas, it still feels like December just barely started. We have our Christmas Zone Conference this week. Its on Wednesday and Thursday and we have 100 DVDs to burn before Wednesday morning!  We have lots to do before then, but i for some reason am not worried that we will get it all finished. I have really grown to love the Christmas season, even though it seems like it flies by. On a mission i feel like Christmas is different, which it is, its not the traditional Christmas that i have had in the past, but its a difference that’s good. And even though I don’t get to spend it with family, like normal, its still good and still fun. I’m glad that i have had this chance to now have two Christmases away from my friends and family, because it makes me appreciate the past years just that much more. Love y’all. Have a great Christmas!

-Elder Andersen