Hey y’all, We did a lot this last week. Took some long trips, went to Oxford MS and found an apartment there for missionaries to live, and i got to go see a few people in senatobia on the way back which was great! We haven’t been to Jackson yet, i have no idea when we are gonna get over there. But we did get to go to a baptism Saturday night of a family being baptized in Hope, AR the hometown of William Jefferson Clinton! I know, the funniest part is no one there talks about that, its like taboo! I thought that was way funny.That baptism was awesome though, the dad hadn’t been active in the church most of his life, and he was able to baptize his wife and two kids, it was so awesome! We went down there with President And Sister Petersen which made it better too! Well, it seems like there is less time in each subsequent day, it’s crazy. We never get any time to relax, except today us and the APs decided that we weren’t going to answer any calls on P-Day unless it was president, people don’t really like that, but hey, otherwise we have no P-Day, so we actually sat down and played risk for 4 hours, it was awesome! Well, love y’all

-Elder Andersen